Keep Yellow Jackets Away From Your Next Outdoor Meal

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Keep yellow jackets away from your next outdoor meal.

Their hum is annoying, they steal your drink, and they can ruin a good outdoor meal quicker than rain. What are we talking about? Yellow Jackets. One of many stinging insects, yellow jackets are currently annoying outdoor diners more than any of the others. Why, and why weren’t they so annoying during the spring? To answer these questions, it’s important to know a little about a yellow jacket’s lifecycle.
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Most yellow jackets only live from late spring to early fall. The only ones who survive the winter are queens. In late spring, queens emerge from the protected places where they spent the winter. They build a small nest and lay a few eggs. These eggs hatch and mature into workers. These workers take on the responsibility of expanding the nest and acquiring food for the colony. Once the colony has reached its maximum size, larvae become males and queens that will continue the yellow jacket population next season. In late summer, colonies are at their maximum size and are producing males and females that leave the nest, so during late summer, there are more yellow jackets than any other time of year. Yellowjackets feed on sugary and carbohydrate-dense foods. During the spring, these are easy to find, since there are many flowering plants and fruits available. But as the growing season comes to a close, food becomes harder to locate.

Yellowjackets are drawn to the sugar in our food and drinks.

This is when (and why) yellow jackets come to dinner, but how can you keep them away? Remember that yellow jackets love sugar, and sodas and juices are filled with it. Keep your drinks and food covered until it is time to serve them. This way you will have at least a little time eating before they find you. As a safety precaution, serve drinks in glasses or cups rather than cans or bottles. Yellowjackets often crawl into these containers, and stings inside the throat can be life-threatening. While yellow jackets will still crawl in glasses, they will be easier to spot. Be aware of your surroundings. Decks, especially, create sheltered areas that yellow jackets may find suitable for nests. They are particularly aggressive when protecting their nests. When they sting, they mark their victims with a chemical that other yellow jackets identify as a threat, causing others to attack. Additionally, swatting and rapid movement are interpreted by yellow jackets as aggressive. So often, our natural reactions to them contribute to stings.

The best way to ensure that your barbecue, clambake, or party is yellow jacket-free is to call us. Our barrier spray effectively controls yellow jackets and repels them. Don’t let stings, or worse a trip to the ER, ruin your next outdoor dining event. Contact us today.

Personal Injury Attorneys – Car Accident Lawyers

A competent San Antonio car accident lawyer understands the intricate legal issues and emotional stress involved with handling car crash claims in wrongful death issues. If you have a car accident death lawyer who’s experienced and dedicated, your family can concentrate on recuperating from the tragic loss of a beloved. You can benefit from your car accident death lawyer’s compassion, dedication and many years of expertise and knowledge in your state’s car accident accident lawyer

All drivers are responsible to drive carefully not only for themselves but also for other’s safety. If a person fails to drive with due care and someone dies as a result, the driver may be found negligent and held liable in a wrongful-death lawsuit. A driver can be considered negligent if he exceeded the posted speed limit. For a car accident to result in a wrongful death the death has to be caused, entirely or part, by the conduct of the party in whose negligence resulted in the accident. The deceased has to be survived by his or her spouse, children or defendants and other beneficiaries and the death must result in monetary damages or loss.

Wrongful death claims can be brought in court if an individual passes away because of an occurrence where a second party can be held responsible. Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed by anyone who was hurt from the accident. Although the person killed cannot file a case on his or her behalf, a case can be filed on behalf of the estate, not only for medical bills and expenses, but if the death included significant suffering, pain and suffering damages may also be sought. In addition, the surviving spouse and children may file for economic and noneconomic damages in terms of lost wages as a result of person’s death as well as the loss of companionship.

A family representative has to show the following to be able to have standing to file a wrongful death claim that resulted from a car accident: 1.) A family member was killed in a car accident; 2.) That family member’s death was caused by reckless or negligent acts of others; and 3.) Living members of the family are suffering from physical, emotional or financial loss because of the death. Damages for wrongful death may include monetary settlement for the victim’s medical costs, funeral and burial expenses, loss of expected future earnings and loss of services, consortium, care and comfort. Certain restrictions limit the amount of time a family must file a wrongful-death lawsuit, so when you have lost a loved one in the accident, promptly talk to an attorney to go over any legal claims you might have.

You and your family should consider hiring a car accident attorney specializing in cases of wrongful deaths if your loved one has been killed in a car accident. Car accident cases are never easy and much more difficult if it involves death. A car accident lawyer can help survivors by providing representation to the estate of the deceased, dealing with insurance recovery and any potential lawsuits. If you have any question for our car accident lawyers click here

Benefits and Uses of the Chiller

The water chiller is used for a wide variety of purposes relating to cooling water quickly at a specified temperature. In addition, these chillers help improve the quality of a product, making it possible for equipment to run more efficiently and effectively. Typically, water is chilled by using a chiller, which is a quick and cost effective process, often seen used for cooling various types of equipment to helping with the molding process.AC chiller

Today, high-tech and sophisticated chillers are available for cooling ozone generators, laser equipment, plastic vacuum pumps, welding machines, cutting equipment, x-ray machines, packing machines, printing equipment, and much more. These chillers work by controlling water flow temperatures. For instance, if a type of refrigerant is used, the water can be chilled to a temperature that can actually be adjusted within a heat exchanger. More from

While there are many refrigerant options, many people concerned with the environment are turning to solutions such as R-407c and R-134a gas, which is not only highly efficient but also environmentally friendly. Developers of chillers who are making the equipment to help the environment include Doulton, Ultracool, Zarsky,and TrueTon, although there are many other developers of chillers that use refrigerants considered harmful.

When it comes to advantages of using a chiller, there are numerous things to consider such as:
Low noise
Low power consumption
Motor protection for circuit breakers
Antifreeze thermostat
Level and flow switches
A chiller also comes in a variety of cooling capacities depending on the model. For instance, some will actually provide a cooling range of 0.7 to 470 kw. As mentioned, there are many uses for chillers. For instance, many are used to cool air. Depending on the use, the design of the chiller would also vary. In this case, the outside construction would likely be made from stainless steel. These chillers also come in a huge selection of sizes with some so small they can fit nicely underneath a kitchen sink while others are quite large, being used for commercial reasons.

The price of a chiller has a wide range, which depends on the capacity, purpose, and model chosen. A high efficiency unit that would be used for home purposes might cost only $500 to $1,000 whereas commercial chillers would cost into the thousands. Regardless, chillers serve one purpose, which is to eliminate heat from liquid by using a type of vapor compression or absorption cycle.

For industrial or commercial uses, the chiller cools water and dehumidifies air for large industrial or institutional facilities. These machines are highly precise in their function and again, for commercial use, they are expensive and cost a lot to operate. Even so, they are a much needed piece of equipment and as long as they are maintained and cared for properly, they will last a long time.

When it comes to air conditioning, a chiller will use the chilled water to distribute out to coils, also known as heat exchangers. Within the air handing unit, the used water is then returned to the chiller. The coils take heat, both latent and sensible from the air within the chilled water, which is what creates the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit.

Then for commercial uses, the cooled water is pumped through a type of laboratory equipment, which helps to keep machines, equipment, and even products at the necessary temperature. As with molding and plastics, once melted, these materials have to be cooled at just the right temperature, which is what the chiller does. The same would be true for any type of welding, metal working, die casting, formulation of pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, power supplies, and so on.

Without chillers, it would be impossible to process many of the things that people use on an everyday basis. Within a commercial situation, chillers have multiple purposes, each with a set of advantages. When looking at chillers, there are many types but five considered the most used. These include:
Scroll Compression
Reciprocating Compression
Screw-Driven Compression
Centrifugal Compression
The first four types of chillers are types of mechanical machines, which means they are powered with gas turbines, electric motors, or steam. The last type of chiller is run by a heat source, usually by combustion, hot water, or steam. Regardless, chillers of all types and sizes are a huge part of the world in creating and maintaining important things we use.

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How is Car Insurance Explained

Car Insurance-Understanding the Basic Stuff

Insurance Info & Best Deals

You probably know what car insurance means if you already have one. But for those who are still not familiar with how car insurance works and its various components, this article will flash some light on the basics.

Obviously, car insurance means that you are insuring your car with an insurance company to take care of the expenses that may arise out of your driving incidents plus any non-driving incident that involves your car. Okay this explanation sounds pretty good at first impression, huh?auto insurance

But people who are quite fresh to the concept of car insurance may not understand how their car could get involved in non-driving related incidents. Okay, you got a valid point; let me explain. Suppose you parked your car and went off to catch up on some sleep. Same night, foxy burglars decide to steal your car, or maybe it was your unlucky night and the entire neighborhood gets flooded and the floods turn your car into a boat and sail it away.

Both these incidents are NOT driving related but definitely involve your car. Ahh, now you get my point What are Car Insurance Groups?

In the UK, car insurance groups are in place to make the selection of your insurance policy easier. Overall there are 50 car insurance groups, and each of these groups is classified depending upon a lot of factors like the automobile brand, the costs that are likely to be incurred in repairing any damages, the amount of time taken to replace the parts, the security measures installed by the car owner to protect it from possible theft or damage, the maximum acceleration or speed capacity that the car can reach etc.

To these general factors are added the personal factors of the car owner like his / her driving history.

Overall, it is just an easy and systematic method devised by the Group Rating Panel, to quickly estimate the car insurance policy premium amount payable by the car owner.
Factors Involved in Car Insurance Policies

When you opt for a car insurance policy, you are actually being covered for many factors. These factors will depend upon the policy you opt for. Each country and each State within a country may have different set of optional and non-optional insurance factors. Here is a list of factors that are commonly included as a part of the policies.


All costs incurred in event of an accident are covered by this factor. Any damage to the other person related to the automobile, property or physical injury, including the compensation for medical treatment or lost wages are all covered by the Liability factor.

Medical Coverage

As the term obviously suggests, it covers all medical expenses arising out of an accident and is paid irrespective of who was at fault.


This is also a type of medical coverage for the insured person, irrespective of who was to blame in the accident.


This pays for all damages due to collision of your vehicle with other objects or other vehicles.


This covers all damages and expenses related to non-accidental causes.Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

Both these factors will cover all vehicular damage expenses caused to the insured driver’s automobile, caused by an uninsured / underinsured (insufficient insurance) motorist.

Rental Reimbursement

This factor covers expenses arising out of accidental damage to your rental car and usually has allowance on a daily basis.Synopsis

It is necessary to understand the basics of your car insurance before you select an insurance policy. Understanding the basics also puts you in a position to better evaluate the kind of policy you need.

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