Get Your Foot Into The Exciting World Of Radio


There is a fear or rather reluctance among young people today for pursuing a career in the world of radio. Will I be assured of a sound career? Will I be able to earn enough for a cruise around the world? Is the future of radio dead? The questions are endless. What with the evolution of the internet and digital media, the mere thought of pursuing a career in radio, is compared to jumping into a sinking ship.

Put aside all your fears and worries. This is all nothing but yet another urban myth. Take a look into the statistics of traditionally broadcast radio.
· 74% of car owners say that they tune into FM stations during drives.
· 84% rate the radio as their first choice when it comes to entertainment in the car.
· 58% of respondents replied that they tune into their local FM/AM station, while only 11% said that they listen to internet radio.

So the traditional radio is far from dead and you can pursue a rewarding career in it. When we think of radio jobs, the first thing that springs to mind is the role of a radio jockey. However, there are plenty of other jobs in the radio industry like the Promotions Assistant, producer, operations manager, promotions manager, program director and brand manager.

Final Thoughts
The major driving factor for a successful career in radio like in any other industry is the passion for it. Radio isn’t just a job, it is more of a passion or rather love for the medium. If you have that passion, then you can jump in without further thoughts. Your career path will depend on your personality. You can opt for the creative path by signing up as an on-air talent or you can take the executive path by joining as a promotions assistant. Whatever, be your choice, the sky or rather the air waves are the limit.

Trends That Will Rule The Airwaves In 2016


Of all the types of entertainment media, radio is the one that is currently undergoing a drastic transition. These evolutions have the potential to change the very face of the industry. We list out a compilation of a few trends brought to you by the experts in the industry.

The Demise of Huge Radio Chains
Radio is very much a local medium and is successful only if it retains the local flavors. Large players might find it easy to begin radio stations at various locations, however they become difficult to manipulate and manage over time. Cumulus and IHeart are the perfect examples for this. These stations are seriously in debt and are right on the verge of folding in.

A Re-Birth of Local Radio
This is a continuation of the above. Radio is the best medium to engage with the local community and this will drive to a renaissance of local radio stations. Smart local radio operators will utilize this to their benefit and become highly successful.

Digitalization of the entire Radio Framework
It is true that the radio industry was built a century back when digital technology was zero. However, in the near future radio will shed of its age old technology and adapt to newer digital versions. Towers and transmitters will become a thing of the future and the majority of the content will be transferred via the internet. This will lead to highly improved efficiency and huge savings in operational cost.

Single Operators for Radio, TV & News
With digitalization, the need for different technology for tv, radio and newspapers have been eliminated. They are now operated on a single platform and there is a overlap of operational areas among these three modes of entertainment. This will see the increase of single players who operate on all these three modes leading to a more uniform content distribution.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Radio Advertising?


With several new forms of advertising available now, businesses tend to ignore radio advertising. However, radio advertising presents you with unique benefits that can be easily reaped and often not available in other forms of advertising. When performed correctly, radio advertising yields higher ROI and increases new customer conversion rates. Read on to know the benefits of this influential mode of advertising.

Highly Cost-Effective
If you want to reach to a huge number of people, then radio advertising presents you with a more cost-effective form when compared to other modes of advertising. While print and television ads need hundreds of dollars to begin with, radio advertising is comparatively dirt cheap. You require only limited resources for production and radio slates are also very lower when compared to television.

Less Time Spent
The biggest benefit of radio advertising is that you can get in on air as soon as you think of it. You needn’t waste several months waiting for the ad to be produced and then to get it on air like on TV. The quick time frame you need for executing and implementing a radio ad, is one of its major benefits.

Quantifiable Results
Another major benefit of radio advertising is that you can track the results accurately and quickly. This way you know the output of your advertising campaign and you can make the changes as soon as possible, if needed.

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